Corporate Munim-Redefining ERP Implementations with Zero Customization or Vendor Dependency

CIO Vendor While talking about ERP systems, the word ‘customization’ is one of the most dreaded terms that an executive hears and one of the most controversial topics surrounding ERP software. According to 2015 ERP Report by Panorama Consulting, a US based ERP implementation firm, of all the project implementations done over the past five years, approximately 58 percent exceeded their planned budgets, and 65 percent experienced schedule overruns. Post implementation, 53-percent of organizations achieved less than 50-percent of the measurable benefits they anticipated from new ERP software. So, the organizations that do not clearly define their business processes before software selection face requirements of heavy customization to meet business requirements. Fulfilling the quest is Corporate Munim, a revolutionary product designed and developed by Nutec Infotech, an IT firm headquartered in Ahmadabad, Gujarat that guarantees zero customization, 100 percent successful implementation and zero vendor dependency.

Committed to focus on a single product ‘Corporate Munim’ since its inception in 1991, Nutec Infotech bestows ERP solution seekers with a complete business automation solution that caters to the entire needs of an organization, be it Planning Management, CRM, Business Intelligence, or Inventory Management, Quality Management or Finance Management. The product also empowers clients to create their own MIS to ensure concrete results during processes such as analysis of business environment, defining of objectives, making related decisions, work allocation among employees, and monitoring/controlling of operations.

‘Total Quality’ Across the Businesses
Being a symbol of quality itself, Corporate Munim acknowledges the fact that quality assurance is the road to increased revenues and higher productivity. Corporate Munim therefore focuses on entire Total Quality Management process of the organization via well defined quality management processes and monitoring of quality measurement tools to ensure internal/ external quality of the project designs. Nutec believes that quality is completely achieved when the management is mentally free, without worrying about the operational efficiencies. Corporate Munim thus assists managements to decide operational controls and design escalation metrics, approval metrics and exceptional firing metrics for the firms. The product further supervises identification of significant controls and assists organizational heads to customize them on weekly, daily or per hour basis according to the priority of the control. The customization certifies that whenever there is a deviation from the defined procedures, authorized users get alerts on specified devices, hence improving the response time.

“For us quality management is implementing of quality across the organization as well and proper functioning of all the departments.” states Hetal Shah, Director. Absolute for delivering quality to all components of any business cycle, Corporate Munim clinches on-time delivery for the end customers and on-time procurement process with the vendors to minimize firm’s fire fighting situation. Moreover, to prevent breakdown and malfunctioning of machineries, Corporate Munim authorizes service of on-time machine maintenance. Further to endow users with ability to have strong hold on the inventories, Corporate Munim deploys alert systems to prevent hindrance due to unavailability of any material in case of minimum stock inventory, and avoid unnecessary inventory carrying cost if the stock is more than current demand.

Additionally, to enable better financial decisions for efficient usage of available resources, Corporate Munim produces real spectrum of finance management to guide clients in managing resources proactively rather than reactively. The product succors financial planning information at micro management level to augment gross profit margin of the organization.
“We allow tax planning in the best way possible to aid clients operate the overall business more efficiently.” adds Hetal.

Corporate Munim focuses on entire Total Quality Management process of the organization via well defined quality management processes and monitoring of quality measurement tools

Outlining the Future
Nutec presently serves 950+ clients across the globe with the motto of ‘Zero Customization’ and looks forward at adding more names to the clientele in future. The firm is thus constantly working towards improving and upgrading Corporate Munim to the changing requirements of the ERP market. Besides, currently having branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Vapi and overseas branches in Nepal, Malaysia and subsidiaries London (United Kingdom) and Canada; Corporate Munim aims at spreading its wings technologically and geographically in the upcoming years.


Client’s Outlook
“When we decided to move towards business automation process, we did not want just an ERP solution but a technology tool that increases the productivity of our team and supports us in looking after services of clients all over the world. In this context, Corporate Munim has performed better than our expectations. Our each team finds the product time saving and system intensifying. It has provided significant assistance in handling our export processes.” - Mukund Turakhia, MD, Neelikon Dyes & Chemicals Limited

Salient Features of Corporate Munim
• 950+ customer base from past 25 years
• On the go Mobile ERP solutions around approvals, alerts, reminders, and reports
• A complete in-built Master Data Management solution
• A set of highly configurable basis, 22 master configuration features enabling zero ERP customization and a tightly integrated workflow is at the heart of CM as a business explorer
• Embedded and in-built comprehensive report framework to make informed decisions
• Simplifies complex regulatory and non-regulatory requirements in and around company structure, market channels (Multiple Companies / Divisions/ Branches /Locations)
• Ability to generate insights on customer behavior, profitability and retention along with a comprehensive CRM framework
• Role based permissions to create User defined Reports (UDR) and comprehensive reports to help making informed decisions
• Single Database Concept to allow location wise viewing of stock and activities
• Data accuracy with 0 percent possibility for duplication of data
• Flexibility of viewing data in various forms like company as a whole, branch wise and location wise
• Skill based identification of various work functions around Direction, control and execution horizontals of the company
• Alerts, reminders, and reports without any time constraints on the go
• Real time information of different activities across the organization