FlinkISO-Accomplishing On Premise/Cloud QMS for Assured Adherence to Compliance

CIO Vendor Without proper quality management, businesses run inefficiently and risk incurring penalties from failing to comply with regulations. The scenario becomes more complex when operating within an international regulatory environment where any organisation must deal with multi-country regulations. Offering synergies between QMS and regulatory agencies for assured compliance is FlinkISO, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The firm enables a single ISO 9001:2015 ready software available on-premise or on-cloud, to make the standardization simple and easy to adopt.

Established with the motive to provide hassle free access to a reliable QMS platform across the globe; FlinkISO caters to the growing quality management needs of small, medium & large businesses. A QMS software by Techmentis Global Services Pvt Ltd, a Mumbai based IT firm; FlinkISO has two product versions, which can be customised as per customer’s requirements, one being a on-premise edition that can be downloaded, and other is an on-cloud edition, and both comes with 24/7 support. “We provide an end-to-end solution for both editions which also includes consulting services through our partners and IT services by us.” claims Mayuresh Vaidya, Co-founder.

Developed on a robust framework, FlinkISO takes advantage of bootstrapping that provides rich UI experiences on all devices such as PCs, Macs, Notebooks and Smartphones. The interface is designed considering the layman approach with all necessary components placed along with a visible screen. A unique “On Screen Help” feature helps users to understand each form in the application and its usage without having to navigative away from the application.
FlinkISO provides dashboards to equip managers with a detailed summary of system usage and data/documents added against the benchmark on daily basis and pin-point the department or branch not implementing the QMS as per requirement and to meet the required level of complaience. Applicaition also provides range of modules like Audits, Management Reviews, Non-Conformity tracking and document management to risk management. New custom modules are availed within 2-3 weeks with customisations options such as changing existing forms or adding new forms and changing existing work flow or functionalities or adding additional processes.

Joining Hands with QMS Experts for Assured Success
Currently, Techmentis is in process of building a word-wide network of QMS professionals as a Quality Partners for FlinkISO, who would actively support FlinkISO customers during QMS implementations. Currently having partners in Europe, UAE, South East Asia and South Africa; FlinkISO expects to grow its footprints in US and UK market in the near future.

FlinkISO takes advantage of bootstrapping that provides rich UI experiences on all devices such as PCs, Macs, Notebooks and Smartphones

With 1500+ downloads and installations across the globe within two years of launch, and having one of their customers to become the first company to be certified as ISO 9001:2015 in South Africa region is a testimony of the company’s success. Moving forward, FlinkISO aims at expanding its customer base and rank as one of the best QMS software in the global arena.